Crawford Lake Trip!

Hello Guide2Everything Family,

This post is about a trip I’ve made to Crawford Lake in Ontario. I’ll be sure to include many photos to keep this engaging πŸ˜€

The natural reserve has several hiking trails ranging from 2 – 10km long. There was also a 750km Bruce Trail which I was looking forward to… but I thought that 1 bottle of water wasn’t enough of a supply… at least 2 would be fine… lol.

So I went for the 5km scenery trail. The trail was full of amazing figures & objects carved out of wood. Here are a few:

The we came to the actual Crawford Lake. Dropping some cherries into the water made lots of fish to swim to the surface – ranging from about 5cm to 50cm!

Just take a look at those reflections- how clear the water is!

After 3 hours of exploring, we went to another part of the reserve where excavations took place in 1988 and an Indian village was uncovered!

Overall it was an amazing experience. And you now know where to go on your next visit in Ontario!

Wishing everyone a lovely day,



44 thoughts on “Crawford Lake Trip!

    1. It is indeed a special place. And I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the carvings πŸ˜€ Indian-aboriginals have very interesting explanations for sun, moon, and have stories about spirit animals.

      For I.e. the eagle symbolizes wisdom ( and that is why tribe leaders are usually of old age wearing head garments full of feathers). Each feather may represent an achievement or battle won!

      For I.e.

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      1. Yes, I love them! Those are Aboriginal, in Canada? I am always interested in the settlements of various tribes. It makes sense about the eagle and the feathers for battle. Everything they did had some sort of symbolic meaning. So cool! I love the snake, for its physical and symbolic shedding of skin.

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      2. Yeah, it’s really a dive into the world of symbolic meanings. Unfortunately many aboriginal Canadians have lost their land and are living in special community reserves.
        On the bright side – several places including crawford lake are here to illustrate their fascinating traditions and lifestyles.

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      3. There’s a section of the reserve having long-houses. Inside each one is like a small museum ( and each longhouse belonged to a particular tribe represented by an animal)

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      1. I’ve always lived in France but I am aware there are many beautiful places here, by the Atlantic ocean, there are majestic mountains like the Pyrenees and the Alps and there is the Mediterranean sea, and also great places inland, cities like Paris !!

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      2. Oh the Alps and Mediterranean sea are indeed majestic! I’ve always dreamed of travelling to Southern France – but just like you’ve mentioned, there are so many fantastic destinations to explore!

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      3. It’s a humorous one. The classical French writer Jules Vernes often went to the Eiffel Tower when writing novels about France. It turned out that he actually despised it and when people asked him “so why do you go here in the first place?” and he replied “because it is only here that I don’t see it πŸ˜€ ”

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