Canada Day Celebrations

Dear Aguide2everything Family,

Hope you are having a good Sunday! In this post I would love to share with you a video of a Canada Day firework celebration I captured near Burlington, Ontario. 🎆🎇✨🎆

I hope for the rest of your day and the week to come to be as bright as these fireworks.

Do you love fireworks? What are your favourite holiday celebrations? Comment down below and I’ll be sure to read and reply!

P.s. Today is a milestone of this blog – we have reached 200 blog members! I want to say that I am very grateful & couldn’t wish for a better WordPress community! Thank you guys!

I look forward to reading your blog stories,



15 thoughts on “Canada Day Celebrations

  1. I prefer every day to be like holidays. Besides we have an international firework competition here in Berlin at Olympia stadium each year in early September. I look forward to this event nearby my home. Cheers @ Ulli

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    1. I have a very similar preference!! 😀 And an international firework competition is amazing- I wish we had one in Canada.

      The topic of firework manufacturing itself is so interesting… how many various chemicals and elements are arranged to make a specific colour + effect … then all of the organization and timing stuff when the competition time comes

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  2. Too late but nice to know Canada day (.. will remember for next year ). Here we heard news only limited counties .. but much better to know more diverse world . Canada also huge and diverse I think .. people from Canada I met were so friendly and nice . Keep writing nice way .

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