Very wise words

What change do you want to make in the world, AGuide2Everything family?



13 thoughts on “Very wise words

  1. Dear Vasil

    and also as Sant Kirpal Singh has put it:

    “Reformers are needed, not of others, but of themselves…”

    Thanks for sharing – it is time to take responsibility. How can we reform and change us? though: Man know thyself… we have to dive deep into ourselves and weed out our own shortcoming, one by one…

    All the best my friend

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    1. Dear Didis,
      Thank you very much for your wise words. I apologize for replying after such a long period of time – was very busy… however, I still remain a big fan of your wordpress stories and posts!

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    1. Dear roijjoyeux, I was indeed away from the wordpress site – had to prioritize education on a large level! I’ll begin posting starting this week and will be your loyal fan as always πŸ™‚

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