A Guide 2 Everything is Back!!!





Dearest of friends,

I want to apologize for not posting for such a long time – had to spend more time during examination periods. But now I’m back and will be sure to bringย  you quality content while discovering yours! ๐Ÿ™‚

Above is a photo of me at Stratford – the centre of Shakespeare theatre in Canada. It is a small town with an amazing theater, delicious restaurants, beautiful nature, and scenic views!

QUESTION: Do any of you guys attend theatre? If you do – what is your favourite play? If you want to, what would you watch? I’m very excited to chat with you on the comments!






15 thoughts on “A Guide 2 Everything is Back!!!

  1. I’m afraid I’ve been off for awhile, too. Looks as if in the near future I may be off again. Nothing like exams, I’m afraid, just an old lady’s ill heath. That aside, do I attend theatre? Yes. The most was in Los Angeles where I frequently attended a Playhouse that presented several short new plays in a night. The Playhouse was the innovation of and promoted by the late Ralph Waite. Bless the man for bringing first-rate plays to people who couldn’t afford ordinary Los Angeles prices. But my favorite play? I’d have to say “Wait Until Dark.” Even on stage, even when I knew what the ending would be, it frightened me. Second choice would be “Fiddler on the Roof” which I found extraordinary on stage.

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    1. Dear Barbara, it is such a pleasure to hear from you!!! 1st of all, I would like to wish you the best of health – it is definitely more important than blogging and I’m glad to hear you took your well-deserved break.

      I’ve heard of the playhouse in Los Angeles and about their nice plays, but I did not know the history behind it involving Ralph Waite! I completely agree with you – what he did was truly a blessing… an opportunity for everybody to discover the “art of theatre” and to sensually experience real live performances! Theatre is quite different from watching a play just on television.

      To be honest with you, I have not uet seen the plays “Wait Until Dark” or “Fiddler on the Roof” but they both sound very exciting! I guess I might as well come to the playhouse when opportunity meets with chance ๐Ÿ™‚

      The plays I’ve been to were mostly Shakespeare-based for now; Macbeth, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet. I’ve always seen “the taming of the shrew (presented with a touch of humour), and the latest was the play “Caesar”, written by Shakespeare

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      1. Our local Sacramento Community College, being adjacent to one our Sacramento’s largest and loveliest parks, each year presents Shakespeare in the Park. The cost is minimal, costumes and setting up the stage, and each play is well attended. Basically it is their gift to the community. Arts are available in every community, one just has to look for it.

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