Cherry Farm Adventures

Hello Everyone,

To begin,I would love to share a photo of a cherry farm I visited with my family the other weekend!

The place, as you can tell, goes by the name of “Cherry Avenue Farms” and is located close to Niagara. For all of our international friends, Niagara is not only a major tourist attraction but also the centre of wine making and cherry picking!

Since our blog name is: “A Guide to Everything”, lets begin with the awesome facts!

Fact 1.Cherry Season is very short – lasting for only a couple of weeks.

Fact 2. Dark cherries =sweet cherries

Sweet cherries are good for simply eating! You can mix them in a fruit bowl and serve a dessert. Keep refrigerated.

Why keep refrigerated? Well the cold temperatures in the fridge slow down metabolic processes of natural bacteria on the food – slowing down the ripening process while preserving taste!

Fact 3. Bright red cherries = sour cherries

Sour cherries are bright-red in color & taste wonderful in pies (much better than sweet cherries) as they preserve their juice more and turn out sweet in the end. They have smaller seeds and are very fragile to the touch.

Soon the farm is going to offer peaches and nectarines(the peach/nectarine season is commencing right now in mid July). Will hopefully share more farm adventures.

Now you know more about cherries (and I’m learning parallel with you!)

Comment down below if you ever visit farms and what are your favourite cherry food dishes 🙂

As always – have a great day!



An Unexpected Encounter!

Happy Wednesday to you all!

So I was walking down a road in my neighborhood last week and spotted something extraordinary… you judge for yourself!

Yes – a dog driving a car!! Of course I’m kidding – the car was stationary… or was it??…okay…fine, I’ll stop.

I myself was surprised and experienced a unique feeling of humor mixed with curiosity. In fact, many other people taking walks took pictures with that dog.

Do you love dogs? I’m excited to hear about your favourite dog breed/ dog adventures!


Welcome to: A Guide 2 Everything

Hello folks,

Very proud to announce the beginning of a great blog (*knock on wood)!

Here we will cover topics of various genres – from music to art, sports to movies, philosophy to realism, life tips & hacks, French Michellin Star restaurants, as well as national landmarks and wonders. Because there will be so many topics to choose from I will let you, the readers, play the important role of directing our discussions.

I hope this blog will fulfill its mission of answering the “so many questions” we have in our daily lives, while being fun to read and easy to remember.

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