Welcome to: A Guide 2 Everything

Hello folks,

Very proud to announce the beginning of a great blog (*knock on wood)!

Here we will cover topics of various genres – from music to art, sports to movies, philosophy to realism, life tips & hacks, French Michellin Star restaurants, as well as national landmarks and wonders. Because there will be so many topics to choose from I will let you, the readers, play the important role of directing our discussions.

I hope this blog will fulfill its mission of answering the “so many questions” we have in our daily lives, while being fun to read and easy to remember.

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Please comment what you want to discuss in the next few blogs.

Have a great day,



12 thoughts on “Welcome to: A Guide 2 Everything

    1. Hi Bette, thank you so much for your warm welcome! You have a great blog and I’m looking forward to being active on it. Likewise, I welcome you to AGuide2Everything! 🙂

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